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The driving forces of Berger Paints - reflect the very spirit of its founder Lewis Berger - who laid the foundations of brand Berger way back in 1760 in the UK. With modest beginnings in India in 1923, today, Berger Paints India Limited is the second largest paint company in the country with a consistent track record of being one of the fastest growing paint companies, quarter on quarter, for the past few years.

About Our company

Sri Gayathri Paints is started with a motto to provide customers with a onestop solution for all painting services. We have Painting solutions, Water proofing solutions, Wood protection and accessories. We area a brand autorized partner of Berzer Paints which is one of the leading painting solutions company.

Sri Gayathri Paints breathes new life into your home with our Painting Services in Chennai. One-stop solution for all your Painting-related Services, the trusted partner of your living home with Elegance Painting Services. We use only the greatest quality Painting Materials by Berger Paints. Nowadays Painting Services are a significant investment in a long life.

We understand that your home painting is to reflect your personality and style, so we using Berger Paints with a legacy of excellence and innovation. Berger Paints in Chennai is a long-lasting performance and protection against dust. With Burger Paints, you can remodel of your home with peace of mind, to create a positive impact on your Painting Services.

Whether Painting is big or small, we have to choose the right products at the right prices is a must, for Berger Paints to provide a destination for quality and value. Berger Paints Wholesale Paint Shop in Chennai for their Painting Needs. with a larger inventory of Berger Paints available in various colors, we ensure that what you need exactly in your Home.

Berger is your trusted partner in safeguarding against your Water infiltration. Berger Waterproofing Services in Chennai at Low Cost Prices, We offer various Waterproofing services in Chennai on clients' needs. Our Wide range of services includes Roof Waterproofing, Terrace Waterproofing, Wall Waterproofing, and much more. Protect your home with Berger Waterproofing Services to be safe and secure.

Less Price Painting Services in Chennai is here to make your painting dreams into reality. we offer top-notch Painting Services at your price on a budget. We believe that quality should never compromised, we use the finest quality Berger Paints and materials. Our efficient Painting techniques help us to minimize the wastage to maxi value.

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If you are looking for the best paint services, look no further. Sri Gayathri Paints is a service all-rounder in home painting, waterproofing and wood coating solutions. Enjoy a hassle-free paint job today!